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Welcome to NW Nuisance Wildlife Control – Seattle, your trusted partner for wildlife control in the heart of Seattle. Our team of licensed professionals provides humane and effective solutions for managing nuisance wildlife. From raccoons in your attic to birds roosting in unwanted areas, we handle it all. We go beyond simple removal, offering comprehensive inspections and preventive measures to ensure a long-term, wildlife-free environment. Our commitment to service excellence, humane practices, and environmental responsibility makes us the premier choice for wildlife control in Seattle. Let us help you live harmoniously with our shared environment.


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Benefits Of Using Professional Trapping Services In Seattle

Living in the vibrant city of Seattle, we often find ourselves sharing our space with various wildlife species. While these creatures add to the natural beauty of our city, they can become a nuisance when invading our homes or workplaces. In such instances, employing a professional live trapper offers a host of benefits:

  • Humane Removal: Professional trappers use humane methods to capture and remove nuisance wildlife from your property. This ensures the safety and wellbeing of the animals, aligning with Seattle’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

  • Expertise and Knowledge: Trapping wildlife requires a broad understanding of different species, their behaviors, and the most effective removal techniques. Professionals have this knowledge, ensuring the right methods are used for each specific case.

  • Risk Mitigation: Wildlife can carry diseases or become aggressive when threatened. Professionals are trained to handle such situations, reducing potential risks to you and your property.

  • Property Damage Assessment and Repair: In addition to removing animals, professionals can assess any damage caused by the animals and provide or recommend necessary repairs.

  • Licensing and Regulation Compliance: Professional trappers are licensed and adhere to state regulations, ensuring that all trapping activities are legal and ethical.

By choosing a professional live trapper in Seattle, you’re opting for a comprehensive, humane, and legal solution to your wildlife issues. Trust in the expertise of NW Nuisance professionals to restore peace and safety to your home or business.

About NW Nuisance Wildlife Control

NNWC, established in 1985, is one of the oldest and most trusted wildlife removal companies serving the Seattle area. We specialize in live trapping, animal control, exclusion, and cleanup.

We are licensed by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife to manage a variety of wildlife conflicts that include raccoons, squirrels, opossums, beavers, nutria, river otters, mountain beavers, bats, skunks, bobcats, and coyotes. We specialize in live animal removal. NNWC serves both residential and commercial customers, offering solutions tailored to meet your specific nuisance wildlife conflict needs.

Our trappers have Bachelor of Arts degrees from the University of Idaho in Wildlife Resources and the University of Southern California in Environmental Science. Collectively, we have over 50 years of wildlife management experience. Whatever the wildlife conflict, we have the experience, knowledge, and skill to humanely and professionally solve your problem.

Call us at 425 820-7476 to talk about the your live trapping needs in Seattle or you can email us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What is a “Wildlife Control Operator” or “WCO”?

A: A Wildlife Control Operator (or “WCO”) has a license from the Department of Fish and Wildlife that allows them trap, capture, and remove unclassified wildlife or small game from private property.

Q: What are your fees?

A: Service fees vary greatly depending on the task at hand. Please call us to receive a quote over the phone. If the situation requires us to visit the site before offering a quote, we will tell you this during the initial call

Q: What do you do with the animals that you catch?

A: All nuisance wildlife control operators in the state of Washington are required by law to euthanize the animals caught on private property. Nuisance wildlife cannot be transported and relocated/released.

Q: Do you offer consultation services?

A: Yes. Please call us and we will gladly discuss the situation at hand.

Q: Are you licensed by the state?

A: Yes. We are licensed by the State of Washington and by the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. We are also bonded and insured.

Q: Do you also control ants, spiders, scorpions, bugs and termites?

A: Yes, please call the pest control division of our company, Willard’s Pest Control at (425) 820-1980.

Q: Do you control problem birds?

A: Yes, please call our “sister company”, Bird Busters

Q: We have something trapped in our attic/stove vent/fireplace. Can you get it out?

A: More than likely, yes. We commonly remove birds, rats, squirrels, raccoons and other animals from attics, crawlspaces, stove vents, fireplaces and other locations in homes, garages and sheds.

Q: Do you remove dead animals from walls, attics, etc?

A: Yes. We can usually find and remove dead animals from inside structures. Please call for price quote.

Q: Can you pick up a dead animal from my yard or inside the house?

A: Yes. We offer dead animal removal and disposal services. Please call for price quote.

Q: Do you have anything to get rid of the smell from dead animals and skunks?

A: Yes. Please call us regarding the specifics of your odor removal needs.

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